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Afrikan Revolutionary Soldier
Pan Afrikan Flag I live less than 1 mile from Malcolm X's birthsite

To all those whose lives I saved:
I want you all to know that those things I did were sincere and I am glad that you all got some more time added to your stay here on earth. Also, I hope that all of you got a chance to succeed at your goals in life and I pray that all of you have helped to give others a chance as well.

VHS/NTSC video tape of KWAME TURE in Omaha NE USA


A-APRP pamphlets in ascii file format
  1. Why is Organization Necessary
  2. What Kind of Organization is Necessary
  3. Seek Pan-Africanism
  4. Work/Study Circles
  5. We are African Period
  6. Students
  7. Some Aspects of the Ideology Objective and Program of the A-APRP
  8. Man and Society

JPGs of Omaha NE

Green Beret LTC Irving C Hudlin

This site dedicated to
Bernard L Jones
Third World Martial Artist
1947 - 1985

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